Jihae is a musician, actress and multimedia artist based in New York.
She launched her record label/Music for Production company Septem and released her first album, ‘My Heart Is An Elephant’ in 2007 featuring collaborations with Lenny Kravitz on guitar and bass and filmmaker Michel Gondry on drums. Her fourth and latest LP, ‘Illusion of You’ features her co-write with the legendary Leonard Cohen and Dave Stewart on the song, ‘Just Feels.’ Illusion was lauded, ‘Beautiful, mystical and poetic’ by the New York Times. The Wall Street Journal described it as ‘Downtown cool from Lou Reed to Deborah Harry to The Strokes all in one.’ Her latest single, ‘Utopia’ was released in April 2021 with a message of love, unity ​​and hope out of the dark times.

Jihae co-wrote, produced and starred in a multimedia rock opera based on her third album, ‘Fire Burning Rain’ with Academy Award-winning playwright/director John Patrick Shanley. She also curated a dozen artists for the Fire Burning Rain group art exhibit including Anna Gaskell, Marco Brambilla and Ouattara Watts. She has performed at the London Olympics, Cannes Film Festival and the United Nations. In addition to donating her time and performance to a variety of nonprofits, including Hillary Clinton’s Hours Against Hate, No Kid Hungry, and Acumen Funds, Jihae founded Let’s Come Together, a creative platform to unite people for human rights.

As an actress, Jihae will recur on HBO’s Emmy winning drama Succession Season 3 as Berry Schneider, a public relations consultant to be released in October 2021. She guest starred in the 2020 Season Two debut episode of Netflix series Altered Carbon, in which she played the torch singer in the compelling opening sequence performing the title track of her latest album ‘Illusion of You’. This song, produced by Dave Stewart (Eurythmics and Songland) is also played at the end credits. Her performance of ‘I Got You Under My Skin’ by Cole Porter is also featured in the opening episode.

In 2018 she starred in Peter Jackson’s Mortal Engines as Anna Fang, a fierce resistance leader in the epic dystopian saga. David Ehrlich of ‘Indiewire’ raved about Jihae’s performance and garnered critical acclaim by Rolling Stone who claimed, “Jihae has an illegal amount of screen presence. ” V Magazine called her “a real life superhero.” The film, co-starring Hera Hilmar, Hugo Weaving, and Robert Sheehan, was released worldwide by MRC and Universal Pictures.

Jihae starred in the television series Mars in which she played a set of twin sisters: one the commander of the first human colony on Mars, the other, the Secretary General of the Space Agency on earth. Produced by Ron Howard and Brian Grazer, the show’s second season aired on Nat Geo TV in November 2018 across 171 countries.

On Human Rights Day 2018, she released a single called ‘Lets Come Together.’ The song was written and performed by Jihae and was arranged by Oscar winning composer/producer Teese Gohl also performing on piano. The choir is sung by the students and faculty at The Putney School. ‘Let’s Come Together’ is a song to give a voice to the displaced people around the world. 100% songwriter’s proceeds went to the International Medical Corps’ program for Children and Women’s Health Including Gender Violence in over 80 countries around the world.